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Linda Medvene

Linda Medvene has spent over 25 years as a celebrity stylist working from both the East and West Coasts. She is known for her ability to navigate high-concept editorial shoots as well as making a client grace the red carpet with ease and style.  Working with an elite and varied range of designers, she is able to offer her clients accessiblity to the latest trends and fashion. 


Before Linda began her career, she was one of the leading junior equestrians in the country. Her worldwide travels competing in competitions exposed her to various cultures and gave her an innately sophisticated fashion sense that reads as well on the runway as it does on Jimmy Kimmel’s couch.  

Linda Medvene has made a career on knowing bodies. How to dress them, how to make them stand out and how to set them apart from the other celebrities on the scene. Her warm personality and engaging wit has made her sought after by A-Listers, photographers and directors worldwide. Linda's keen eye has always been watchful in terms of elegance, taste and understated refinement, a skill her clients rely upon.

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